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Your uniqueness is our inspiration.

At StrategyMeetsDesign, we have a passion for helping companies achieve their growth goals. We believe that sustainable success comes from a combination of authentic and customer-centric brands as well as data-driven and market-oriented business strategies. We rely on the synergy of data, creativity, innovation and authenticity in everything we do, taking your uniqueness as our inspiration.

Our Team

Laura Cortesi

Webdesign & Strategy

Laura, our founder, holds a master's degree in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen. With her passion for innovation and extensive knowledge, she is dedicated to assisting businesses in solving their challenges, fostering growth, and showcasing the distinctiveness of each client in the market.

Laura Cortesi SmD Founder Webdesign Unternehmerin Schweiz


Serafin Baumgartner

Social Media

During his bachelor's degree in business administration at the University of St. Gallen and Columbia University, Serafin discovered his passion for social media and content creation. Today he wants to help customers market their products through his skills on digital platforms.

Ein Mann der Lacht im Schnee mit verblurrtem Hintergrund, der im Innovativen Umfeld ist, es ist ein business bild für strategie und wachstum


Sara Cortesi


Sara's natural talent for sales and innovation was further developed and sharpened during her internships in social media management and during her studies at the University of St. Gallen. Her profound understanding of what customers want enables her to position products in the market in a targeted and effective manner.


Are you ready for a new era of collaboration?

Why us, and not a traditional marketing agency?

Our Offers

Tired of misunderstandings at agencies?

We offer you uncomplicated collaboration with just one contact person to avoid inefficiencies.

Efficient collaboration

Tired of paying for unproductive hours?

Our prices are not based on hours, but on results. We work efficiently to share success.

Commission based pricing

Don't feel like looking for new providers for every task?

From content production to logo design, we support you holistically. So that everything is coordinated.

Full range of services

Our content is adapted to the different platforms to appeal to viewers at all levels.

Are your customers on more than just one platform?

Omni-channel approach

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