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We help you express your uniqueness, with shared interests.


We have developed a flexible subscription and commission model that gives you access to a wide range of services to meet your exact needs. Our goal is to offer you flexibility for your marketing and growth ambitions.


For your market entry

The Starter is optimal for your market entry to create a foundation of your brand.

Design the website and create content based on the positioning developed

Create relevant profiles (e.g. Google Maps, Trip Advisor)

Create corporate design (CI) including logo and guidelines

Product and business photography/video for a professional presentation

Technical set-up of the website including domain management


Strengthening customer loyalty

The optimizer aims to strengthen your online presence and customer loyalty.

All starter offers including ongoing updates

Plan, write and send email newsletters

Plan, write and publish blog posts on the website

SEO optimization and link management

Design and revise pitch decks and presentations for investors or customers


Acquiring new customers

The expander expands your brand and reach, which will help you achieve your expansion goals.

All offers from the optimizer

Social media management and content creation on relevant platforms

Define marketing strategy including conception and platform selection

Sales optimization for e-commerce and booking portals

Plan and execute social and Google Ad campaigns


The procedure

Get to know: In this phase we get to know you and your company better.

Goals: You explain your goals to us and give us basic information. 

Expectations: We mutually clarify the expectations of the collaboration.

Next Steps: We will then inform you about the next steps and determine responsibilities.


Surveillance: Since our way of working is mostly based on digital measures, we attach great importance to the evaluation of statistics.

Optimization: Based on the data, we adapt the respective measures.

Continuous improvement: This allows us to continually improve, provide you with maximum added value and support your long-term growth.


Implementation: Creating a consistent design, website, social media content, blogs, and so on.

Feedback: We ask you for feedback.

Adjustment: The content will be adapted to your feedback.

Updates: We will be happy to keep you up to date with progress reports.


Analysis: Here we carry out a comprehensive analysis of market trends, your company, your target group, strengths and the market in order to better understand your environment.

Target status: Together we define the target status.

Positioning: We then develop a clear positioning based on the analysis. 

Gap analysis: We are checking what measures we should take to achieve the target status.

Measures: We create a plan for you and you decide.


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